Endmaksan Engineering offers turn-key emery lines for wood based plates such as MDF, flake-board (chipboard), OSB and so on. The lines are delivered with the options of designs and different capacities special to the customer.
Zımpara Hattı

Sanding Line Technical Specifications:

  • Customer-specific boutique design and manufacturing o Fully automatic or semi-automatic lines
  • Thin and thick plate sanding options (4mm-50 mm)
  • Choice of 60/120 meters/min line speeds
  • Line options according to different plate sizes (Width 1,22-2,44 meters / Length: 1,22- 8,66 meters)
  • Continuous plate feeding and stacking option
  • Even the option of plate sizing
  • Protection plate feed or pick up option
  • Plate orientation option for increased use of sandpaper
  • Code such as production date, thickness, size can be written on the plate

License plate quality control option Customer Advantages:

  • Low investment cost
  • Customer-specific flexible systems
  • Easy to use, flexible automation
  • Delivery in a short time

The Key to Fine Details: Quality and Precise Surface Treatments with the Sanding Line

The sanding line is a process that has an important place in the industrial and manufacturing sectors. This special line is used to correct and smooth the fine details of the surfaces of the products. The sanding line increases the quality and precision of surface treatments, ensuring that products are aesthetically appealing and comply with technical requirements.

  1. Importance and Advantages of Sanding Line:

Information explaining the importance of the sanding line in industrial and manufacturing processes and the advantages it provides to customers,

  1. Various Sanding Line Applications:

The applications and areas of use of the sanding line in different industries are used in sanding lines for different types of materials such as wood, metal, glass.

  1. Quality and Precision Oriented Processes:

The quality and precision-oriented processes of the sanding line help in how the surfaces of the products are smoothed and achieve excellent results.

The sanding line is an aesthetically and technically important process, improving the quality and durability of the surfaces of the products.

Surface Perfection with the Sanding Line

Smoothness and quality on machined surfaces

The Sanding Line plays an important role in the processing of surfaces in different industries. These lines ensure smooth and perfect surfaces and improve the quality of products.

The Sanding Line is designed to smooth and smooth the surfaces of materials. These lines allow materials of different sizes to be sanded, removing unwanted marks, scratches and roughness on surfaces. As a result, the products have a more aesthetic appearance.

The Sanding Line is widely used in the processing of materials used in various industries. Sanding line is used to improve surface quality in many industries such as furniture, automotive, building materials. These lines have modern technologies that can perform high-speed sanding operations and process surfaces with special sanding sheets.

The Sanding Line provides many advantages to businesses. The smoothness and quality of the machined surfaces increase customer satisfaction and strengthen the competitiveness of products in the market. In addition, sanding lines increase efficiency in the production processes of enterprises and reduce costs.

The Sanding Line is an important tool for the perfection of surfaces. The smoothness and quality of the machined surfaces increase the value of products in many industries. Abrasive lines are equipped with modern technologies and help businesses increase their competitiveness by improving product quality.

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